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The American People are being held hostage

May 04, 2019 · 3 mins read
The American People are being held hostage

Day in and day out the American people are bombarded with articles about politicians calling out the opposition for their lack of cooperation or countless acts of wrongdoing. It seems that politicians have found it more useful for their attacks on the opposition to be more valuable than passing policies to resolve problems.


It’s not like this should be a surprise- the US political system has been gradually evolving over the last decade. With the rise controversial issues such as same-sex marriage and the reintroduction of Roe v. Wade (1973) to the Me Too movement, the issues that take center stage in countless debates often result in no progress being made. Political parties’ have been forced to take sides, however, disputed. With various arguments to support either of their beliefs, political parties have faced fragmentation within their own groups in some instances. This division has contributed to politicians depending on self-image over everything else in order to win votes. Gone are the days when robust policies determined who would be elected.

Due to the stagnant progress that most political agendas have faced, politicians have resorted to the blame game to shift focus from their lack of progress. In most cases, if a policy somehow gets passed into law, so many concessions would have been made that the law would be ineffective in addressing the problem at hand. This is why most of our recent laws are more of a bandage fix instead of a clean fix. Even once these laws are passed, there always has to be a political winner and a loser. In no case can both parties win. Small wins are exaggerated to make parties look better while even the smallest “losses” are defined as only setbacks, which will be resolved in the future. Why accept a loss when you can use the inefficiency of the law against your opponent in the next battle?


Even when politicians hit their opponents with damaging info, neither party understands when enough is enough. A party must capitalize on this publicity and use it to show how awful their opponent is and how they are the ones destroying this great country with their absurd policies. Even when they miss, they continue to dig, even if there is nothing there, thereby damaging people’s reputations and avoiding resolving issues that effect the nation.

At the end of the day, who pays the cost of this game politicians play?

The hardworking American people. The 1% still gets the policies that effect them passed, since their money is what helps politicians get elected. So, the 99% of American’s are the ones who get left behind. They are the ones that have to deal with under funded schools, mounting student debt and countless other issues. As time progresses, these issues will get worse, making lives more difficult for the majority of Americans.

A person may ask, “How can we solve this issue?”.

The answer is…well, we might not be able to solve this. The best thing we, as Americans, can do, is vote for people who deliver results based on solid policy and hope that those elected will put their personal greed behind the wellness of all Americans.